Does Cruelty-Free actually mean Cruelty-Free?

It is extremely difficult to determine what brands are actually cruelty-free and to a large extent, it also depends on what level you, as an individual are satisfied.


For example, a brand that itself is cruelty-free might belong to a parent organisation that has other brands that are tested on animals. For example, Schmidt’s Naturals is a personal care brand that on the face of it is ethical and cruelty-free. However, it has recently purchased by conglomerate Unilever. Unilever in itself has hundreds of brands, many of which aren’t cruelty-free.  So would you still consider Schmidt’s a cruelty-free brand or would you consider it a sell-out?

Other brands considered cruelty-free might not have tested in animals for products on sale in the UK. However, in other countries such as China animal testing is currently still a legal requirement, although China is in the process of changing that requirement. This means a company can claim to be cruelty-free in the UK, but if it is selling in China it’s likely those products have been tested on animals. As a consequence, there are some companies that refuse to sell to China. Innovaderma, a relatively new, but up and coming company, for example, has vowed not to sell any of its beauty brands, Skinny Tan, Roots Double Effect and Charles and Lee in China whilst the law requiring animal testing is in place.

Cruelty Free International is an organisation that certifies companies that are proven to be cruelty-free. One of the good things is that it quickly allows you to search for a brand and see if it meets their requirements. They also state when a brand has a parent company that is not certified cruelty-free. It is definitely worth checking out their database here.

In conclusion, it is worth researching brands you might be interested in to determine how cruelty-free they actually are.


Skinny Tan: A vegan friendly cruelty free tanning Brand.

Skinny Tan

Skinny Tan is a fast growing Self Tanning brand that is cruelty free and Vegan and is also as natural as possible. They have a wide variety of products from Serums and Sprays to lotions and mousses so there is bound to be one to suit you.

However perhaps their most innovative product is their new Protect and Glow range. This is a SPF30 and SPF50 range of suntan lotions that include a gradual tanner. So as you Protect your skin from the damaging effect of the sun you’re also slowly building a colour so that it looks like you have been sunbathing. In essence it’s all the colour benefits of sunbathing, but without the harmful effects. This product range is currently only available on the the Skinny Tan website at Skinny Tan suncare.  Hopefully this range will also be available in stores in time for next summer.

Why call it Skinny Tan?

The term Skinny does not refer to Skinny in terms of body shape, but to the fact it’s as natural as possible.

The founder wanted the ‘Skinny’ in Skinny tan to be represented by a skin kind ‘skinny’ ingredients list with, as far as possible, more naturally derived ingredients, with some Skinny Tan products being made from as much as 99% naturally derived ingredients.

There was no question that Skinny Tan would have to be paraben-free, sulfate-free not tested on animals and suitable for vegans.

In addition they are currently working on making their packaging recyclable and eco friendly so hopefully we can update on this in the near future.


For more information check out their website

You can also buy them at Boots, Superdrug, Amazon and others.