Top 5 most ethical recipe boxes delivered to your door.

Top 5 most ethical recipe boxes.

Getting food delivered directly to your door is a growing trend. It used to be home deliveries of supermarket staples from the likes of Ocado and Tesco. However more recently there has been a growing trend for the delivery of high quality, single meal boxes from the likes of Hellofresh and Boxfresh. Now countless others have joined the throng, but how ecofriendly are these boxes? There’s a reasonably large carbon footprint to send single meals by courier and some boxes come with lots of individually plastic-wrapped ingredients. However, I believe there are some good ones out there.

Top 5 ethical recipe boxes


Below are my top 5 most ethical recipe boxes.

Riverford provides a wide variety of meals from vegan and vegetarian to meals with ethically sourced line-caught fish. their own ethical statement is “To give a fair deal to farmers, customers, staff and the environment”. The majority of their produce is homegrown in the UK. However, as they point out it can be more environmentally friendly to use trucked in Spanish tomatoes than UK tomatoes that have to be grown under glass with heat and lamps. They are always mindful of the environmental impact. Their packaging policy is to be as environmentally friendly as well. Their main boxes are designed to be used up to 10 times and customers are asked to return it to the company with their next delivery. the rest of the packaging is designed to be as recyclable as possible.

Abel and Cole have been providing Fruit and Veg boxes for over 30 years. More recently they have branched out into recipe boxes. The good points are that 100% of ingredients used are either organic or wild. The majority of packaging is locally recyclable, however, if your local council doesn’t accept certain packaging for recycling you can return it with your next delivery and the Abel and Cole team will recycle for you. One issue that vegans might have is that they use a wool product to insulate and regulate the temperature within the boxes.

Mindful chef, established in 2015 is very similar in its ethical stance as the first two companies with regards, to organic, natural food and it’s welfare standards. Mindful Chefs packaging policy is also very similar. Where it does stand out is in it’s “One feeds two” program. With this program, they provide one free school meal to some of the poorest children in the world. So by buying a recipe box from Mindful Chef, you are also, in essence, making a charity donation.

Fish for Thought does what it says on the tin. It delivers ethically sourced fresh fish directly to your door. They are the only Online Seafood business with Marine Stewardship Certification (MSC). They also have fully recyclable packaging and support various sustainability programs.

Little Cooks Co is a recipe box company that specializes in kits to help get children cooking and eating organic, healthy, nutritional food. The kits are aimed at children from 3 to 10 years old. They don’t include refined flours or sugars in the kits and the packaging is 100% recyclable. However perhaps the most ethical part of the company is its support of magic breakfast, this charity provides breakfast to some of the UK’s poorest and most vulnerable children. For each kit sold Little Cooks will provide breakfast for one child.

As you can see amongst the plethora and evergrowing companies that supply recipe boxes and food direct to your home there are some gems that are trying to do this in an ethical way. You have seen my top 5 most ethical recipe boxes and I would appreciate any I might have missed in the comment section.