Sustainable advent calendars

Every Christmas in the UK millions of advent calendars are sold. A large majority of these come with a ridiculous amount of plastic packaging. So what can we do to buy more sustainable advent calendars?

The most sustainable option would be to get a reusable advent calendar that you can fill yourself. This way you can get joy from them year after year and it can even become part of your Christmas tradition.


sustainable advent calendars

The Range has a few really good options, which include a festive truck, train and a LED lit up Christmas scene.

Wayfair has an extensive range of over 150 calendars.

Next has the Melissa and Doug countdown to Christmas tree. This is not a traditional advent calendar, but a tree with magnetic baubles you add a bauble every day finally finishing the tree with the star on the top.

sustainable advent calendars

A lot of other retailers will also have their own offerings so it’s a good idea to have a look round. Alternatively, if you’re feeling creative you can find some ideas to make your own sustainable advent calendars here.

Filling ideas

Now that you’ve got your sustainable advent calendar you have to fill it. Treats like chocolates are a good idea for some days perhaps, but wouldn’t it be more interesting to have other things in there as well. One day maybe a ticket to a pantomime or a voucher for a visit to Father Christmas. For adults maybe some miniature bottles of alcohol or even cheese. Or if you’re trying to get away from the materialistic side of Christmas, maybe a poem or nice saying. Keen cooks might like a recipe, you could even include specific ingredients on previous days. Or how about a photo each day and then maybe the display below, available from Amazon, as a Christmas present.

For other filling ideas here are some links to other articles that have good ideas.

I hope you’ve liked my ideas for sustainable advent calendars. If so I’ve written an article about making other aspects of Christmas more sustainable. You can find that here.